Atlanta Exterior Painting

We understand that times are tough and we are in a troubled economy.

We also understand that most customers still want more than just the lowest bid.

When you want your exterior painting done right, Steady Hand Painting in Atlanta is still the answer.

Above: Atlanta home 5 years after Steady Hand Painting painted the exterior.

What is the one thing that stands between the harsh outside environment and your valuable home? The answer is a very thin layer of paint and caulk. If you use quality exterior paint, the paint-barrier is thicker, more flexible, and therefore more durable.
A good paint-job should last 5-7 years but with Steady Hand’s expert preparation and quality exterior paint and materials, our painting lasts about 10 years or more.

Sure you can pay a little less, replace rotten wood and do a complete repaint in just 5 years but are you really saving money? NO!!!

The Paint Quality Institute, an independent paint testing laboratory, says “And even though quality paints may cost a little more, they provide a smoother, more uniform appearance, and can last more than twice as long as ordinary paints — so they are really more economical in the long run.” All of the homes we have painted using quality materials 5-7 years ago still look freshly painted.

One home in Atlanta that we painted 5 YEARS AGO recently called us again in need of a pressure wash and repainting of the wood porch floor.

The cost: about $300 as compared to a complete exterior paint job and replacement of rotten wood which would have been in the thousands.

In fact, when Steady Hand completed the porch and the pressure wash, several neighbors noticed our sign and commented on how beautiful the new paint-job was and WE DID NOT EVEN PAINT THE HOME.

Our customer was extremely happy to have chosen Steady Hand Painting and has saved a wad of cash by getting the job done right. See the Steady Hand Painting difference.

Our solutions stand the test of time
and our customers get a higher R.O.I. because our exterior painting lasts. Just ask to see some of the homes we have painted 5-7 years ago.
They still look freshly painted, saving our customers more money in the long run. We will gladly give you names and addresses of our previous work.

Above: A Candler Park home 5 years after Steady Hand Painted it.       

Above: Home in Woodland Hills 5 years after Steady Hand painted it.

While many contractors have recently gone out of business, we have stayed in business in Atlanta for over 7 years -despite the economy.

Duration & Resilience Exterior CoatingNew! Five year warranty  on one coat of exterior Duration exterior or Resilience exterior paint from Sherwin Williams and other approved paints.
Consumer Reports says Duration is the best (and this time we agree)! Go beyond ordinary home painting with an acrylic coating that carries a lifetime warranty through its manufacturer.

Sherwin William's Duration Exterior Coating is the result of advances in acrylic technology. This technology provides you with the most durable and longest lasting coating available for protecting the outside of your home.

This coating is guaranteed not to chip, peel, or crack for as long as you own your home. Duration is a truly durable solution.

Above: A Candler Park home after Steady Hand painted it. Six colors were used.       

Exterior House Painting
– Exterior house painting is one of the areas we stand above our competition. Preparation and paint quality is key to your paint’s survival.

We are your preparation experts. With knowledge and experience, we provide services vital to your home’s survival.
A new paint job
is like a perfectly tailored raincoat which preserves your home for many years.

We take the time to ensure your home is protected from the elements so you can rest assured your paint will last well beyond our warranty.

Steady Hand Painting offers many expert home services: exterior & interior painting, cabinet finishing, pressure washing, & deck staining.


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