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At Steady Hand Painting in Atlanta GA, a Residential Painting Company, We take pride in our quality painting services and it shows in our finished product. Steady Hand Painting uses only the best ingredients for a job built to last. When it comes to durability, reliability, and protection for your best investment, you can count on our extensive product knowledge to find and deliver the durable solution to your problem.

Duration Exterior CoatingNew! Five year warranty on two coats of Duration. Consumer Reports says Duration is the best (and this time we agree)! Go beyond ordinary home painting with an acrylic coating that carries a lifetime warranty through its manufacturer. Sherwin William's Duration Coating is the result of advances in acrylic technology. This technology provides you with the most durable and longest lasting coating available for protecting the outside of your home. This coating is guaranteed not to chip, peel, or crack for as long as you own your home. Duration is a truly durable solution to your paint woes.

Exterior House Painting
– Exterior house painting is one of the areas we stand above our competition. Preparation and quality is key to your paint’s survival. We are your preparation experts. With knowledge and experience, we provide services vital to your home’s survival. A new paint job is like a perfectly tailored raincoat which preserves your home for many years. We take the time to ensure your home is protected from the elements so you can rest assured your paint will last well beyond our warranty.

Interior Painting
– I addition to viral and bacterial protection a new coat of paint provides, interior home painting can change the look of your old familiar home. It can breathe new life into a kitchen or bedroom. Many different sheens and colors are available to achieve your own custom look.

Cabinet Finishing
– Most painting companies cannot offer a furniture finish using high quality lacquers and stains. Most use materials bought from home depot that are not intended for use on quality cabinetry. Our cabinet finishing is an attractive alternative to replacement. We can professionally finish cabinets using our fine finish spray equipment to achieve a furniture finish. Our customers are left with a durable, new finish. If you decide to replace we can prepare, stain, and finish new cabinets as well.

Staining –
Staining is difficult work and is best done by a seasoned professional, especially when you can’t afford to make a mistake. We can stain any exposed wood surface and then we seal it with two coats of quality sealant. Many companies will claim to be able to do professional staining, however, our finished product is as good as it gets.

Decks and Fences
– We pressure wash to bring back the original color of your deck. We then apply sealant to lock out moisture and harmful UV rays. We recommend two coats for long-lasting protection and even color.

Ceiling Repair
– Popcorn and stipple ceilings are sanded smooth, skimmed with mud, primed, and painted for a classic, smooth look that is easier to repair and maintain. We can also repair cracks in ceilings and walls. Our repair will last a long time but most cracks are due to settling and will likely return one day if your home is continuing to settle.
Steady Hand Painting specializes in Historic Home restoration in Atlanta.

Pressure Washing
– It is a good idea to pressure wash your home on a yearly basis. Mildew and exhaust build up on your home hiding its true color. We use a nontoxic detergent to clean off dirt and debris. This detergent is safe for plants and animals. We can also pressure wash decks and driveways to brighten up your property.

Window Glazing Repair –
With the cost of heating fuels today who can afford flaking window glazing? Window glazing can make your windows look newer and more attractive while preventing drafts from entering your home. Window repair can be done for less than the cost of replacement in most cases while keeping the original integrity of your home.
Steady Hand Painting specializes in Historic Home restoration in Atlanta.

– Many times wood is not salvageable when it is rotten or badly cracked. Rotten wood allows water and growth to enter your home and cause serious damage. We cut and install new wood to prevent further damage to your home.
Steady Hand Painting specializes in Historic Home restoration in Atlanta.

– Steady Hand Painting in Atlanta GA, is bonded and insured. If you provide a fax number, proof can be faxed to you from our company's agent.

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