Finding a Painter in Atlanta Georgia

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Need a house painter in Atlanta? There are plenty willing to help. And plenty willing to gyp you. Here are a few tips you can use to separate the good house painters from the bad house painters.

Brand Name Lies.

A paint manufacturer’s name is not proof of material quality: even the best sell inexpensive lines of paint. Find out exactly what kind of paint they plan to use on your house: manufacturer, line name, distributor, receipt and warranty.

Be prepared.

Preparation is critical to the long-term success (or failure) of paint. Know every detail of the prep phase, right down to the equipment being used to do it. Get on line and find out what should be done before a spot of paint hits your house.

Check References.

Good Residential Painting Companies gladly give them; disreputable ones don’t. Get names, numbers and addresses for past and recent work – if the house still looks good four years later, you have yourself a house painter worth his or her weight in gold.

Pound Foolish.

Watching pennies is smart; but don’t cheap out on materials, repairs and prep work. It is more expensive to repair bad work than to pay to have done right the first time.

Verify Insurance.

Disreputable painting contractors do not pay for insurance. You won’t find that out until something goes very, very wrong. And that’s too late. Ask for their Certificate of Insurance and bonding, provided by their insurance agents directly to you.

Watch the Clock.

A sign of dishonesty and carelessness is a broken promise. Time commitments are a promise. Late painting contractors are often bad painting contractors.

Eye Witness.

Visit some of the homes your painter has completed to see the quality of the work yourself. Talk to the owner, too.


Bad painters often spray paint all over your roof. If you see work like that, run.

Verify Warranty.

Sometimes things go wrong, no matter how good and honest the paint contractor. But! That’s what warranties and insurance are for! Ask for the number of a customer who had such an issue resolved. If they were treated well when a problem arose, you should feel secure about hiring that painting contractor.

Penny Wise.

Less than 20 per cent of lowest quotes result in long-term paint success. You really do get what you pay for.

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